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How to Bloom

Healing is a lot like growing a garden.

First you prepare the soil. You begin by making space for new growth by pulling weeds - the obstacles to new growth. These weeds might be thought patterns, behaviors, relationships, distractions, or any habit that prevents you from growing.

Once you have a solid foundation, you plant your seeds. These seeds contain the vision of who you want to be, what you desire, and how you imagine life can be. 

The next part of the journey tends to be the most difficult. The waiting. 

The new space you've created might feel empty. You might notice the strong temptation to bring back the weeds as a familiar space-filler. This is the part of the healing journey where you might wonder if you've made a huge mistake. You might struggle to remember what you planted because you can't yet see the new growth.  You find yourself asking "how much longer will it be like this?"


If you trust the process and continue on with support, rest, and professional nurturing guidance, you will find that your ability to breathe and move through the difficult process of healing has taken root below the surface. Those empty spaces don't feel so empty anymore. They begin to feel like opportunity.

You begin to appreciate the space you've created, and before you know it.... you see evidence of new growth, new life.

You bloom. 

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