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Sarah Hagan Davis

Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma Conscious Yoga Method Teacher,

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hrs.

I combine my training as a trauma-informed mental health therapist and my love for holistic wellness to offer  a unique and highly effective approach to healing. I incorporate mindfulness and easy breathing techniques into my sessions to help clients learn to regulate their nervous systems and begin to make decisions from a grounded, steady place. I teach people how to reengage with life in an embodied way by helping them release past traumas and unprocessed hurts. 

I am a two-time alum from Western Kentucky University (Go Tops!!) where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2011) as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling (2015). I've worked in community mental health settings, residential treatment centers, as well as private practices. 

I am a proud mom of 3 daughters who will forever be my "why". I am a lover of the outdoors, a hobby poet, an amateur gardener, and an avid believer that you have all the intuitive wisdom you need within yourself to be joyful, peaceful, and free.

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